Cherry's Quest for Coffee

Released February 6, 2012

Cherry Screenshot 1Cherry Screenshot 2

Cherry Starma wakes to discover she is completely out of jo! The news says there’s a worldwide shortage, but will the only store in town have a can left for her?

Otis Builds a Fire

Released November 25, 2008

Otis Screenshot 2Otis Screenshot 1







It’s a cold Christmas eve, and Otis is in need of a warm fire! Maybe you can help him build one!


I made these games when I was a kid, and I doubt they will run or install on modern systems. But if you have an old Win95/Win98/XP computer laying around, give them a try!

Bear in mind that these games were made by a twelve-year-old with The Games Factory. They’re riddled with horrible spelling, grammar, and tons of Green Day midis!


Ball Man: The Attack of Mudman’s Army
Released ‎February ‎6, ‎1999

Ball Man Screenshot


T.V. Man’s Adventure Demo
Released November ‎24, ‎1998

TV Man Screenshot